Join Us At The Upcoming Events!

Frank Dalton’s Food Convoy: November 19th (Pocatello) November 20th (Boise)
Mid-Winter Convention: January 6th-9th Red Lion downtown at Boise, ID
We are going to introduce our “Idaho Department Leadership Seminar”  Training
Leadership Topics
*Mission, Vision and Values
*Knowing the Resources of your Unit
*Understanding the Needs of your members
*Planning for Success
*Representing the Auxiliary
*Sharing Leadership with others
*Setting an example
*Representing the Group
*Evaluation and Conclusion
State Oratorical Contest February 19th, 2022 at Meridian ACity Hall at 10:00 a.m.
Friendly Reminder:Please send in your District Bond  ($43.22) annually, and your Unit Bond if due in 2022. ($18.00 for every three (3) years!  
Please pay your Postage ($15.00) for this year.
Thanks for sending in your membership! As of now we have 42 NEW MEMBERS!  Great Job!