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                               UNIT CHAIRMAN IMPORTANT INFORMATION
                                PLEASE CHECK YOUR GIRLS STATE EMAIL
You will be receiving a copy of all information that is being sent to your delegates concerning this year's Girls State Session.

Make it a priority to contact your delegates and make sure they have read their information as Girls State is just 2 weeks away.

Some girls from Northern Idaho will be catching their bus on Saturday night June 10th--PLEASE make them aware of the time and location of their pickup and return.

Other girls that ride the bus to NNU will be leaving early on Sunday morning June 11th--check their location to catch their buses. 
Some of the stops have changed so make sure a unit representative has the list of names for girls that are catching the bus.

Units that have their delegates provide their own transportation, please give them a call and remind them to be registered before 11 AM when we START.


Toni Gimpel--Girls State Chairman

    Please take a moment and fill out and return this questionnaire.  We want to have a better understanding of the units in our department.   We are all striving to work the programs of the American Legion Auxiliary and together wecan continue to work the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary.  Let us "get to know you"

ALA Getting to know you questionnaire.pdf



I Got 2--How About You? Membership Contest

Membership Contest--By Pearl Harbor Day.pdf

are available to view under the Membership tab

               American Legion Auxiliary
                  Department of Idaho

           97th Convention Tentative Agenda

                 July 13th -July 17th  2017  

Thursday, July 13th 2017 
8:00 am                                   Registration            
1.00 pm                                   Girls State Board Meeting            
3:30 pm                                   Auxiliary DEC            
4:00 pm                                   Past Presidents Meeting  

Friday, July 15 th  2017
7:30  am                                   Registration            
8:30  am                                  Joint Opening            
10:00 am                                 Auxiliary Meeting for Juniors            
10:30 am                                 Auxiliary Meeting Convenes             
12:00 am                                 Luncheon              
1:30  pm                                  Auxiliary Meeting Reconvenes            
5:00 pm                                   No host Social Hour            
6:00 pm                                  Post #4 Steak Fry--Commanders  BBQ   

Saturday, July 16th 2017
7:00 am                                   Past Presidents Parli Breakfast (Open to all)
7:30 am                                   Registration            
8:30 am                                   Auxiliary Meeting Reconvenes          
9:00 am                                   Auxiliary Juniors Activities            
12:00 pm                                 Convention  Luncheon            
1:15 pm                                   Auxiliary Reconvenes/Girls State Corporation Meeting 
4:00 pm                                   Auxiliary Installation of New Officers            
5:00 pm                                   New President ‘s Reception            
6:00 pm                                   No Host social Hour            
7:00 pm                                   Commander’s Banquet  

Sunday, July 17th 2017
8:00 am                                   Department Presidents Breakfast (by Invitation Only)           
9:00 am                                   God and Country Memorial Service         
10.00 am                                 Auxiliary DEC meeting          

National President Mary Davis visited Idaho for our Annual Food Convoy

 We had great adventures and enjoyed her visit

Here's a Story of the travels through Idaho November 16 through the 20...

 Mary Davis's visit to Idaho.pdf